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What Makes ALFA Pizza Ovens So Great?

What Makes ALFA Pizza Ovens So Great?

If you're a pizza lover, you know that there's nothing quite like a perfectly cooked Neapolitan pizza. But unless you live in Italy, it can be hard to get that authentic flavor at home. That's where ALFA pizza ovens come in.

ALFA ovens are made in Italy using traditional methods and materials, and they're designed to reach the high temperatures (up to 500°C) that are essential for cooking perfect pizza. But ALFA ovens aren't just for pizza. They can also be used to cook a wide variety of other dishes, from roasted meats and vegetables to baked desserts.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at what makes ALFA pizza ovens so great so you can see for yourself.


ALFA Ciao pizza oven with a table setting.


So, what makes ALFA pizza ovens so great?

Made in Italy with a commitment to quality, for the best experience and satisfaction. ALFA ovens are the combination of art and performance without any compromise. This is clear to see when you look at ALFA's Trademarked HEAT GENIUS technology.


 HEAT GENIUS: Alfa's technology trifecta! 


ALFA Heat genius Refractory floor bricks

1) Authentic HeatKeeper™ FirebrickAlfa uses an authentic firebrick in every pizza oven they make. This HeatKeeper firebrick, which they make in their factory in Rome, Italy, the home of pizza, absorbs and stores heat far better than the lava stone or ceramic used in other pizza ovens. This is crucial to baking a crispy, moist crust at precisely the right temperature, quickly and without burning. 



2) DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool® Insulation: The space between the two stainless steel walls on an Alfa Pizza Oven is filled with DoubleDown Superwool® insulation. This European ceramic fiber offers up to twice the heat resistance of the rock wool insulation used in other artisan at-home pizza ovens, which maintains the heat and allows you to consistently bake perfect pizzas. It also allows for faster heat recovery between pizzas and dramatically lowers the temperature of the outer oven wall.


 ALFA's Patented Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System®

3) Patented Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System®: Other pizza ovens exhaust precious heat out the chimney at the top of their oven. Up and out! Not Alfa. The chimney may be at the top, but, thanks to the patented Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System®, hot air circulates fully around the chamber and is driven back down to where it can heat the firebrick and pizza. This is key, as it ensures the proper temperatures required to bake both crust and toppings. The circulating heat then hits a deflector at the top of the oven and travels up an escape where it finally exits out the chimney. Around and down. Then up and out. Clever!


The art and science of Pizza baking performance

 In case you needed more reasons why ALFA Ovens are the best in class:

  • Forninox™ Premium Stainless Steel Chamber Construction:

    • Constructed of two types of special thermal-resistant heavy-gauge steel.
    • Inner wall made of titanium-impregnated 441 stainless steel.
    • Tolerates thermal stress, heat, corrosion, and atmospheric agents.
    • Exterior wall made of heat and acid-resistant stainless steel with less iron.
    • Retains heat and provides sturdiness to the oven.
  • OptiDome Half-Sphere Design:

    • Unique flattened half-dome shape maximizes circulation and heat flow.
    • Enables quick heat-up and consistent temperatures for even cooking.
  • Double Powder-Coated Oven Shell:

    • Seven-step powder-coating process for a durable, long-lasting finish.
  • "Ready Already" Faster to Baking Temperature:

    • Alfa Heat Genius™ design allows for quicker preheating.
    • Can be ready in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Seamless Shell Construction:

    • Oven shell features seamless construction for enhanced durability.
    • Better heat maintenance compared to riveted shells in other pizza oven.

ALFA Brio Pizza oven with table setting in front


See the full range of ALFA OVENS here.

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